motion branding »B«


part #1 of diploma thesis

I recently graduated from the academy of fine arts in nuremberg. For my diploma thesis in visual communication I've decided to take on the big topic of motion branding and its contemporary rules.

For this purpose I came up with a on-demand-streaming-service simply called »B«. This service is streaming traditional and virtual reality content.

I designed the coporate identity and made several idents in the process including some for virtual reality.


The core idea of the identity is to build bridges between two realities or dimensions. As to why the geometrics are shiny. The reflections on their surfaces are two dimensional projections of a three dimensional reality. This concept had to be transported with minimal effort and without any visual interference, hence why the decision to use simple geometrics was made. Both in three and two dimensons.

I believe that motion branding in general begins with a trademark movement. A movement can just be as iconic and powerful as a graphical logo. But this movement had to follow the basic concept. I knew what message I wanted the movement to embody. For this purpose I modeled the logo for me to play with and explore its possibilities. The trademark movement and logo as well as the geometrics in the idents are then placed in a virtual room.

The trinity of the logo allows for further use in other applications. For the necessity of explaining abstract facts to the audience without using words like the process of loading, success or failure a familiar element from the identity like the logo should be used, instead of introducing a completely new element.


Please open this video on your smartphone and put it in your cardboard or any other virtual reality device. For the best experience use the youtube-app or the google chrome browser.