im grunde


exhibition design; augmented reality; art direction


I worked together with impuls-design (agency, erlangen) on an exhibiton for the Biosphärenreservatsamt Schaalsee-Elbe about the relationship between man and nature in the UNESCO Biosphärenreservat Flusslandschaft Elbe. The exhibition is open all year and can be visited in Dömitz. The city renovated an old fortress especially for this exhibiton. The visitors go underground, hence the name »Im Grunde«.


The exhibition is sectioned into themes, where in every one of these sections another topic is displayed with an iPad and augmented reality.


I did the art direction, UI and UX design, a lot of 3d-assets, the table design, almost every illustration and designed a lot of minigames the visitors can play to deepen their knowledge.


Because of the huge content of this project not every single screen or illustration is displayed here.


Programming was made by imagination (austria).



mock-ups of several screens